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The IPK Potato collections at Gross Luesewitz (GLKS)

The Gross Luesewitz Potato Collections of the IPK Genebank contain approximately 6,150 samples and consist of a cultivar collection with appr. 2,750 samples (KKS), a collection of Southern and Central American varieties (AKS; appr. ten Solanum species, 550 entries), and a collection of 140 wild species with almost 2,850 accessions (WKS; mainly from Central and South America).

Tuber diversity of cultivated potatoes
Tubers of wild potatoes
Tubers of the AKS

The maintenance of the KKS and the Southern and Central American cultivars is achieved in its major proportion via in vitro culture, but also still takes place in the field (here evaluations, control of variety purity and production of tubers for interested parties). In addition, cryopreservation is used as an additional technique (IPK research group 'In vitro Storage and Cryopreservation'). The maintenance of the generatively propagated WKS species happens via seed production in the greenhouse.

Field maintenance of cultivated potatoes
Microtubers for in vitro preservation
Greenhouse propagation of wild potatoes

At field cultivation, the occurrence of latent viruses (PVS, partly PVX) is tolerated. This should be considered when requesting tubers from the field. For in vitro plantlets, special measures for virus eradication are conducted. Besides, the potato germplasm is being tested systematically against quarantine diseases in co-operation with Plant Protection Offices. Only healthy tubers or seed progenies are distributed. For private parties, just tubers of KKS entries are available (eight varieties maximum with three to five tubers each), but no in vitro or cryo plantlets. For each material request, a Material Transfer Agreement (SMTA) has to be signed by both the recipient and IPK.

Detailed passport data and evaluation data are recorded and can be partially accessed via the indicated internet links, more information is available at the following address (also address for orders):

Dr. Klaus J. Dehmer
IPK Genebank/Gross Luesewitz Potato Collections
Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK)
Parkweg 3a
18190 Groß Lüsewitz
Tel. +49 38209 80525
Fax +49 38209 82313
E-Mail: glksmv@t-online.de